Omachron Science Inc.

Our approach to innovation - be unconventional, bold and creative. Often the solutions we come up with are never even heard of in the industry, usually very simple in a hind sight and commercially viable.

Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” That is kind of how we think at Omachron. Here’s how it works in practice as we look at new ways to do things:

Can I explain it to my kids?
They’re bright and eager to learn but with a short attention span…..sound familiar! If I can explain it to them quickly, so that they actually understand it, then I’ve got a shot at conveying it to very busy folks in the real world burdened with other pressing priorities.
Can someone actually make it?
Is it so complicated that it won’t transition easily from a controlled lab environment to manufacturing floor? This question is extremely important. You can’t afford to have a flock of trained scientists trying to oversee production, nor to invest in unanticipated manufacturing procedures to replicate what was done in the lab. At Omachron, we help you to cost-effectively take our inventions to production..
Life is short – get the most out of it
Before we take on a new project or client, we ask two questions: Can we afford it? Can you afford it?
Companies have limited appetites for R&D spending and a need for speed to market. If we do take something on, we do a very fast, all-in, deep dive. We understand the need to translate the intangible into something that has real worth and impact, and to do it quickly. Many projects go from “technical challenge” to viable prototype in 6-12 months, and into production within 18 to 24 months.
Protect what matters most.
Omachron’s mission is to accomplish the technically improbable for our partners - one innovation and one patent at a time. We are really good at obtaining intellectual property protection for our inventions. It’s a key competency. We understand the mine fields and are able to build high patent walls around our inventions. This enhances the value of the innovations to every client and excludes others from enjoying it.
Why we do what we do.
Innovation is in our blood. It’s a passion and addiction at the same time. We like to theorize from time to time, it’s good for the soul. But our ultimate goal is to develop technologies that actually make their way into the real world to enhance people's lives. We take great pride in doing things well and doing them quickly. That’s from where the real satisfaction comes.
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