Omachron Science Inc.

The world is becoming a global economy. Commerce is moving at an ever increasing pace. Complexity is entering every aspect of our lives.

Large, capital intensive monolithic infrastructures currently control many aspects of our lives and many people feel that their individual contribution is becoming insignificant.

Some people feel that technology is moving too slowly while others feel it is racing out of control.

Many people are intimidated by technology. Many people feel that there is little that they can do to make a meaningful improvement to the future.

Omachron Science Inc is developing simple, distributed infrastructure solutions to many of the most complex social and technological issues facing the world thereby empowering individuals, small companies, large companies and all levels of government to take immediate, practical steps towards better living conditions for all and a sustainable future for our children.

The Omachron Science Inc products and processes are simple, cost effective and make the lives of people better today while ensuring that the legacy of these innovations is positive for the future. Omachron Science Inc always considers the impact of their designs on future generations, while ensuring that they are reliable, robust, and deliver real value to our customers today so that we can all have a positive influence on our lives today and the future for our children.

Omachron Science Inc is committed to empowering our staff, our partners, and our customers by developing "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future"™.