Omachron Science Inc.

At Omachron Science Inc, sustainability means designing products and processes to meet the needs of the customer while also considering the needs of society, of the environment, and of the company.

Corporate success is all too often measured in terms of arbitrary growth in sales and profits over a short period versus judging the ongoing viability of the company and its products or processes. Many "consumer products" are designed to be "disposable" with the hope that "repeat sales" in the near term will drive corporate growth and profits. This is environmentally difficult to sustain.

Omachron Science Inc products and processes are not simply designed for a low price and be disposed of quickly. Omachron Science Inc designs high quality, durable, easily maintainable, serviceable products and processes. Omachron Science Inc products and processes are designed for a long service life and to allow easy re-manufacturing or recycling. Omachron Science Inc products exceed customer expectations of performance and provide long term value and reliability. Omachron Science Inc delivers short term profitability through rapid product development and accelerated tooling processes to bring items to market quickly. This makes better use of resources and ultimately provides greater value to the customer.

The Omachron Science Inc products and processes for agriculture, energy, and medicine involve simple, distributed infrastructure like the Internet that can be successfully implemented by individuals, small communities, companies of all sizes and all levels of government without the need for significant capital expenditures for expensive centralized infrastructure which often takes many years to implement and does not always work well.

Omachron Science Inc enables people to live and companies to operate with the energy and natural resources supplied by the sun each day. Many of our products use less energy thereby conserving resources while other products and processes harvest the sun and wind to produce energy, plastics, foods, and medicines. Fossil fuels are a precious resource which developed over millions of years and should be preserved wherever possible as a source of raw materials for future generations rather than as a "cheap energy source" that we are quickly depleting. Omachron Science Inc products and processes empower every individual to make a personal decision that can positively impact their lives and the future.

At Omachron Science Inc, the development of "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future"™ happens every day.